JapanHDV – Shiori Moriya gets a pizza delivered and is so lonely she fucks the deliveryman

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  • JAV
  • 2021
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Shiori Moriya is at home and is having food delivered. She often stays and food and just orders in for the convenience. She does get lonely and finds herself chatting up the guys that deliver the food from time to time. They are usually young delivery guys that do not mind talking to a lovely Japanese housewife. Shiori has decided to invite this deliveryman in and asked him to help her eat some of the pizza. This is not so easy for him as he is busy delivering pizza and his boss will not be happy if he takes so much time with a customer. Shiori chats him up while eating and the conversation turns to him and his love life and it seems he has no one at home. Shiori sees an opportunity and decides to slide her hand up his leg and rub his thigh and she brushes up against his cock. She explains that her husband works late and that she is eager to have some pizza as well as some cock. Shiori rubs his jeans and gets his cock hard and finally just unzips his pants and pulls his hard dick out of his pants so she can stroke it properly and enjoy it in her mouth. This is every delivery guys dream, to have a lovely Japanese housewife invite him in and suck his cock. But, sucking some cock is not enough for Shiori as she is now horny as she has lifted her top and he has his hands playing with her nipples. She pulls down her panties and spreads her legs for him so he can see her pink pussy as she opens it up wide. Her pussy lips are very large and very pink as she is horny and she wants his fingers to probe her pussy as she leans back and tweeks her own nipples. She moans lightly as she is getting turned on and she slides his finger inside her wet pussy hole and has her masturbate her with his finger. She wants him more now and she lays back and grabs his cock and slides it inside her pussy. She is so hot for cock and so wet that he enters her easily and she has her legs wrapped around him fucking him as he thrusts his cock deep into her pretty Japanese housewife pussy.

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